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Lunch Meetings January 3, 2010

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There aren’t enough hours in the day to answer half the emails you receive.  Phone calls get put off while files pile up.  And when it becomes obvious that you’ll never finish that report by the end of the day, you work through lunch.

Work gets busy. Life gets busy. We get busy.  We take lunch meetings and pick up fast food to keep on pace with our hectic lifestyles.

We’ve become entirely removed from food production.  We no longer know, or care, about where our food is coming from our how it got to our plate. Price has become the bottom line and as long as 99 cent Big Macs are for sale, we’ll keep buying.

But is this distance something to be concerned about?

Take a moment to meet your lunch before your next lunch meeting. Everyone has a right to know their food- to know what is in it, as well as where and how it was made.  Everyone has a right to access good, clean and fair food.  Healthy food is not a priviledge, it is a basic human need.  Organic fruits and vegetables are not meant to exist exclusively in affluent farmer’s markets.

When it comes to food, ignorance is not bliss.  Agriculture has become a big business and food is manufactured for profit rather than health.  With rocketing obesity and cancer rates, it’s time to examine if what we’re eating could be to blame.  Agribusiness is extremely privatized (though closely tied to government agencies that you would expect to protect the consumer).  Information about what we eat is cloaked by the companies who produce it.

The goal of this blog is simply to make that information more readily available, and to attempt to broach the issues of food security and availability.

Bon Appetit!

Eating: Majestic Garlic Curry
Watching: The Garden


3 Responses to “Lunch Meetings”

  1. Annette Says:

    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe!🙂. I’ll go and read some more!

  2. Sherry Says:

    will you be letting us know why fructose is an enemy

    • Well, in nature, fructose is a great thing. It’s a fairly rare form of natural sugar that’s really only found in seasonally ripe fruit. Fructose consumption has increased astronomically because of the wide spread availability of table sugar. Table sugar is made of sucrose which is glucose plus fructose. We need glucose to maintain proper body functions, but fructose is not metabolized in the same way. Fructose is broken down by the liver, unlike glucose which can be used by cells as energy. Fructose needs to be metabolized by the liver and THEN broken down into glucose. If there’s no need to glucose in the body at that point, it can be stored as triglycerides (fat). [My information here is coming from Michael Pollan’s bookIn Defense of Food, which I highly recommend.]

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