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Protest GE Contamination of Organic Food January 17, 2010

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Monsanto is going to the Supreme Court over GE alfalfa. The USDA is suggesting that GE alfalfa be deregulated. Since alfalfa cross pollenates freely, GE crops could easily contaminate organic crops. The USDA claims that consumers don’t care about GE contamination of organic crops. That’s absolutely ludicrous. When consumers buy organic 75% assume that means their food is not genetically modified. Please take the time to tell the USDA that you DO care and want GE crops closely regulated.

You can send a pre-written email regarding the USDA’s environmental impact report from the Center for Food Safety

You can send a second letter via Food and Water Watch


3 Responses to “Protest GE Contamination of Organic Food”

  1. Alyson Says:

    As a mother of a 3-year-old and 7-month-old, I have become even more concerned about where our food comes from and how it is produced. I would estimate that 90-95% of my food purchases are organic and yes, I find it hugely important that the word “organic” remains organic…do not think, big corporations, that the “little people” don’t have a voice or cannot make a difference. Word of mouth “marketing” by mothers is worth more than the biggest, best advertising campaign. GE contamination of organic crops or the potential thereof is ridiculous and it is the job of our elected officials to represent their constituents in a responsible and stand-up manner. It’s time for these elected officials to really listen to us, as individuals, as people, and not simply as next term’s vote. Do not allow our food supply to continue to be corrupted by big business. REGULATE GE crops and do not allow them to cross-contaminate organic crops…seriously, please do something for the people who care about what we eat and where it comes from.

  2. Claudia A Maple Says:

    The USDA’s Environmental Impact Statement on genetically engineered alfalfa paves the way for the unregulated commercialization of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready alfalfa. As a consumer of organic food, I strongly oppose this action because it will result in the genetic contamination of organic food.

    I Do care about what I eat..what my Children Eat…and what our nation eats.

    USDA concedes that “consumer perceptions of organic food safety may be an important driver for consumer substitution of organic for conventionally produced food,” but then claims that there isn’t evidence that U.S. consumers are as strongly affected by food safety concerns as Europeans, as if U.S. consumers don’t care enough to buy organic. As an organic consumer myself, I can tell you that I DO care.

    GMO-contamination of organic alfalfa is inevitable if the Obama Administration successfully commercializes Monsanto’s GM alfalfa.

    Consumers who ingest Roundup Ready alfalfa genes are risking their health; according to the environmental impact statement, “acute toxicity in mice was observed.”

    According to the EIS, consumers who ingest Roundup may experience “general and non-specific signs of toxicity from subchronic and chronic exposure to glyphosate includ[ing] changes in liver weight, blood chemistry (may suggest mild liver toxicity), liver pathology, and weight of the pituitary gland.”

    The EIS warns that, “Based on upper estimates of exposure … infants consuming fruit and all age groups consuming vegetables may be at risk of adverse effects associated with acute exposure to glyphosate residues.”

    Consuming milk and meat from animals fed crops that are genetically engineered is also risky. In a survey of milk products sold in stores in Italy, results from the screening of 60 samples of 12 different milk brands demonstrated the presence of GM maize sequences in 15 (25%) and of GM soybean sequences in 7 samples (11.7%).

    Consumers are going to want to avoid Roundup Ready alfalfa, but according to the EIS, we don’t have that right because, “At the present time, there is no policy regarding the unintended presence of GE material in organic products or food, consistent with the fact that the NOP is a process-based program for certifying a farm or production system as organic, and not a product-based program that tests or certifies individual products as organic.”

    Yes….I do care about what I eat. I do care about our I future…the future of our children …the future of our people. Our health costs in the United States are astronomical…One basic way we can make a significant impact on our health as a nation is by regulating our nations food supply. Regulating it so that we come back around to basics. Foods that are not genetically altered…foods that are not loaded with pesticides…foods that are “real” foods.. I believe it paramount to support our local organic farmers in every way possible. They are creating a healthier well nourished population. Obviously this administration cares about the food supply. So why is the production of Genetically altered Alfalfa…(the bottom line food source…for Milk…meat…our building block for which all foods are born) even an issue?
    Yes…I believe this should be regulated…this should be banned! How is my local organic farmer supposed to continue creating the excellent food that nurtures my health…(instead of harms my body and soul) when their only alternative is feed that has been contaminated? Our government should be doing everything possible to ensure that our food supply is sound and healthy. By allowing genetically altered feed to enter our food supply on the first level…we are contaminating our entire food supply. This is not acceptable. This is not my choice. I choose to eat food that is organic. ..That should be a basic right of all Americans. eat food that nurtures…not food that destroys!
    Here’s some reasons why I and many others do care…and do expect our government to have strict>>> regulations on our food supply. Have strict regulations prohibiting the use of Genetically altered seed…grains. It’s a scary thought that a day may come when one won’t be able to eat an apple that is just an apple!!!. Please Please…encourage our local organic farmers to continue to produce food that is affordable…and that is “real” food. The more companies like Monsanto’s that allowed to slip by and be unregulated…the more we as a nation risk our health..our future our livelihood and ultimately our freedom to choose what we put in our bodies…
    The Obama Administration can make a difference….Now is the time to act with a conscience for the American People. Now is the time to change the misconceptions of what foods are healthy and which are detrimental to our well being to our childrens future …to our future.
    Peace…please Don’t allow Monsanto to do what is unhealthy for us all. Thanks very much…

    The USDA’s EIS needs to take the contamination of organic crops more seriously. As long as there is a risk of contamination, Roundup Ready alfalfa shouldn’t be allowed.

    Thank you for the opportunity to submit these comments.
    Claudia Maple

  3. Laura McKaughan Says:

    Don’t cheapen organic standards by allowing GE crops to be considered organic. This has serious implications for other crops as well and organic consumers like myself will not stand for it!

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