Meeting Lunch

Allow Me to Introduce Your Food

About December 28, 2009

Wendell Berry once famously wrote that “Eating is an agricultural act.”  We’ve become so far removed from the process of food production in just a few short generations that such a basic truth must now be taught.  Our food doesn’t come out of the ground in a convenient freezer-friendly family pack size.  Eating is agricultural, cultural, and now political as well. Food ties people together in customs and pleasures while nourishing the body.  Which is why the dire state of the food system today is terrifying.

In a world of lunch meetings, this blog is about taking a moment to meet your lunch. What is really on your plate? Where did it come from? And why did it come from there?

I left behind a sunny life in Calfornia for the chaotic, scooter-filled streets of Italy.  Rome is home to many of the world’s food organizations, including FAO, WFP and IFAD.  These organizations, along with the World Bank and major donor countries, have a huge impact on the state of agriculture in the developing world.

I moved because I feel its essential to ensure that the world’s food system is safe, sustainable and fair.

The things you probably really wanted to know:

  • I’m 26
  • I am an American living in Rome
  • I am a freelance writer
  • I am pursuing a Masters in Human Development and Food Security
  • The views expressed here are (obviously) my own and don’t reflect upon any of my past or current employers
  • I really really enjoy good, clean and fair food

P.S. You should Read Wendell Berry’s The Pleasures of Eating


One Response to “About”

  1. Matt Says:

    Found your blog. Love it. Keep it up!

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