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World Water Day: The Story of Bottled Water March 22, 2010

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Agriculture is incredibly intertwined with water systems so I wanted to take a moment to discuss World Water Day.

Food and water are both basic human rights.  There are a billion people worldwide without reliable access to clean water- the same number of people who suffer from hunger. 1 billion people. It’s unacceptable that so many people are being denied such basic needs.

March 22nd, World Water Day , is set aside to address the issue of water and work towards a healthier world.  Water is an undervalued resource and the importance of conservation and cleanup cannot be overstated.  With the possibility of resource wars looming, it’s crazy that private corporations are profiting off of what should be a free natural resource.  While 1 billion people try to find safe, drinkable water, some countries are willing to pay a 2,000% markup to buy it in a plastic bottle.

Annie Leonard, creator of the Story of Stuff, has just released the Story of Bottled Water.  It’s eerily similar to the “Story of Food”- we’ve been duped by marketing into buying an unhealthy product that destroys the environment.  Here’s to hoping she considers making that story next, but please take a few minutes to learn about the water industry by watching her fascinating film: